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Musumi WCS-99XII-M Video Scanner Review

20/10/2010 DavidNorris105 1
Musumi Video Scanner Model WCS-99XII-M
The Misumi WCS-99XII-M video scanner tuned to a domestic video sender on 2412 MHz, within the 2.4GHz licence exempt ISM band. Other finds have included wireless CCTV cameras, amateur television signals and even an illegal wireless camera on 1040 MHz in the aeronautical transponder band!

This review of the Musumi WCS-99XII-M video scanner was kindly supplied by David Norris, G7VDI.

I bought this scanner with ATV on the 23cm and 13cm  (1240 to 1325 and 2310 to 2450 MHZ) amateur bands very much in mind. It handles PAL and NTSC signals, which are frequency modulated. (Secam signals are not supported).

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Cubex 2/6/11m Quad Antenna

26/10/2002 Transmission1 1

The Cubex 2/6/11m Quad at ground levelThe Quad from Cubex is my pride and joy. My location is less than ideal, being extremely close to an electric railway and at the bottom of a hill to my east. The Cubex has performed better than anything tried before and picks up very little noise from the railway compared to the verticals I used to have. Thanks to Norman from Cubex and Christian from Radio33 who supplied it.

The Antenna comes boxed about 5ft long and 6 inches square and weighs a ton, well 20 lbs actually. Everything is clearly labeled and comes with a good set of instructions.