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Data Modes with the Grundig Satellit 800 – Another Aspect

12/07/2006 Transmission1 0

John Griffiths discovers a whole new world of listening out there with his Grundig Satellit 800 HF radio. He has kindly wrote the following article to share has findings with the readers of Transmission1. He is happy to receive your comments and has provided his email address at the end of this article. Read on and find out about easily receiveable data modes on HF….
Apart from its use as a mid range receiver for short wave listening, the venerable Grundig Sat800 has just proven its worth in an area that I am happy to admit I was aware of but knew very little about; It all seemed too technical for me! Data modes – or to put it another way, the mysterious world of RTTY, FAX, WEFAX and NAVTEX.

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Sparks – A Semi-Serious Look at the Hobby

10/09/2005 Transmission1 3

How did you start in radio, either as a SWL, scanner user or a ham?

I suppose my own experience was typical in that I was loaned a shortwave radio – an Eddystone but don’t ask me which one – and listened to exotic places which, as a schoolboy back in the 60’s, were truly ‘the other side of the world’. Back then, of course, I knew nothing about antennas so having a mains powered shortwave radio by my bed meant I was mostly listening to VOA, AFN and the ubiquitous Radio Moscow! Yet there was more than just the comments and news – nothing can quite compare with the rising, falling modulation punctuated by fading in and out, atmospheric cracks and bangs, the rat-a-tat-tat of the ‘Woodpecker’ Over-The Horizon radar system used by the Russians. Or the non stop music of the pirates like Caroline, RNI, Mi Amigo? Those were the days indeed!

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Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium HF Radio Review

05/03/2005 Transmission1 6

Grundig Satellit 800Our first review in the new HF Radio section sees John (ddraigmor) reviewing the Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium HF receiver and finds it to his liking, but is it worth the £400+ price tag?

Over the years I have been an SWL I have owned some fairly decent bits of HF kit. These include a Yaesu FRG7700, a Realistic DX-394, an ancient valve receiver which I cannot remember the name of, a Sony ICF-Pro80 and a Sangean ATS803A – in their way all decent radios with the Sony being an all time favourite due to its ruggedness and portability.