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Yeticom Optima SSB CB/Ham Radio Review

23/06/2011 Transmission1 34

Yeticom Optima

The Yeticom Optima is a new radio designed for use by CB and Amateur operators. Whilst the radio firmly has its origins as a  “freeband CB” it will also be a welcome addition to any radio amateur looking for a reasonably priced all mode 12m/10m rig for mobile use.  Upon first sight you might be thinking that you have seen this radio before. I can assure you that this is not the case! It shares the same casing and form factor as the ever popular Magnum 257 or Albrecht AE-485 but that is where the similarities stop.  Unlike the other radios that look same this one is not made in Korea, it is made in Hong Kong by a company called GW Telecom. The mainboard is a redesign but the radio uses the same body shell and LCD display that the other variants have used for many years.

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Galaxy DX-93T – Twin Turbine 10/11m Band Transceiver Review

17/08/2008 Transmission1 6

dx93t-panel2The Galaxy DX-93T is an all mode 10/11m band transceiver. Galaxy radios have been around for many years in the United States but it is somewhat rarer to find them over here in the European regions. At the time of writing this review there has never been a better time to import from the States with the good exchange rate against the Dollar so I decided to buy the DX-93T and give the Galaxy a chance.

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Cobra 200 GTL DX – SSB Multimode CB/Ham Radio

01/02/2006 Transmission1 7

cobra200gtl1In the Autumn of 2005 Cobra released its first significant new radio for quite some time. With legends such as the Cobra 148 GTL DX in the distant past it was about time for the company to move on and create something a little different for the 21st century market. Chrome facia, classic looks and famous cobra emblem on the microphone – sound familiar?

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President Lincoln CB/10m Transceiver

29/04/2004 Transmission1 22

The famous President Lincoln radio.Jack has been busy once again! This time he takes a look at the all-time classic, the famous Lincoln.

The good old Lincoln has been around for many years now. I had my first once in 1992, and it was an old rig then. They had an almost mythical status when they were new as the most advanced CB radio ever. Now they get a bit of a slagging for having poor performance and poor coverage, just shows you how things progress I suppose. There are a lot of modifications available for this set. Such as more power, loads of minor improvements and there is a “chipswitch” modification available which allows them to tune down to 24 MHz and also adds memories and repeater shifts, among other extras. This will allow them to cover the 12m amateur band and make them a HF dual bander. But this review will only cover the standard set.

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Albrecht AE-485 10/11m Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 5

Albrecht AE-485 TransceiverJack ‘Axle Jack’ Cook tries out the new Albrecht 485 10m/CB Radio and finds it surprisingly good.

I was impressed with my new rig, out of the box. It looks smart in grey and black with a large backlit orange LCD display. Like a “90s” rig rather than a styling hangover from the 1970s like most. It isn’t too big, bigger than some CBs but smaller than a Lincoln or Ranger. (Approx. 6 by 2 by 8 inches).

Mine was the lower powered version with 12 watts output on SSB, there is a 25 watt and a 40 watt version around, the 40 watt one costing a little more.