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Albrecht AE-485 10/11m Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 5

Albrecht AE-485 TransceiverJack ‘Axle Jack’ Cook tries out the new Albrecht 485 10m/CB Radio and finds it surprisingly good.

I was impressed with my new rig, out of the box. It looks smart in grey and black with a large backlit orange LCD display. Like a “90s” rig rather than a styling hangover from the 1970s like most. It isn’t too big, bigger than some CBs but smaller than a Lincoln or Ranger. (Approx. 6 by 2 by 8 inches).

Mine was the lower powered version with 12 watts output on SSB, there is a 25 watt and a 40 watt version around, the 40 watt one costing a little more.