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Cobra 200 GTL DX – SSB Multimode CB/Ham Radio

01/02/2006 Transmission1 7

cobra200gtl1In the Autumn of 2005 Cobra released its first significant new radio for quite some time. With legends such as the Cobra 148 GTL DX in the distant past it was about time for the company to move on and create something a little different for the 21st century market. Chrome facia, classic looks and famous cobra emblem on the microphone –┬ásound familiar?

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Cobra 29 LTD – 80 Channel Mobile CB Radio Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 0

Cobra 29LTD CB RadioIan Bellhouse investigates this interesting classic style CB radio.

I have recently bought a new Cobra 29 Ltd CB radio, first impressions out of the box are very good, the radio resembles the old Cobra 148 which I am sure everyone is familiar with and Cobra have kept the original looks and styling with a few modern tweaks.

The front of the radio is finished with the original silver panel and chrome banding, the radio is a similar size, with the added bonus of the microphone connection on the front panel rather than down the left side of the radio which gives much more ease for mobile mounting, and mobile operation without getting the microphone wire tangled up in your gear lever or seat covers handbag etc!

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Cobra MT-220 PMR-446 Radios

27/04/2004 Transmission1 0

Cobra MT220 RadiosCobra is back with a new budget priced, fully featured radio. How can it stand up to the competition? This Review is sponsored by Teluwatt 2 Way Radio Services.

When Liam from Teluwatt contacted me about reviewing the Cobra MT-220 I was delighted to say the least as I am always interested in getting the opportunity to try out new PMR-446 equipment. A few days later the package arrived by Business Post and by lunchtime that day I had two Cobra Microtalk MT-220’s sat on my desk ready for testing. These particular radios were supplied in the “value pack” packaging which basically includes a pair of radios along with belt clips/desk stand and 8 Duracell AAA batteries, enough to run the radios and get you started.

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Cobra Microtalk 250 – PMR 446 Radio

26/04/2004 Transmission1 0

Cobra Microtalk 250 PMR-446 RadiosA superb compact PMR 446 radio with stunning audio quality and professional looks. We put it through it’s paces.

PMR 446 radios seem to be selling well at the time of writing. Already there is a large choice of hand-held radios available and they are proving very popular with the UK consumer. This must surely highlight the need for reliable short range communication systems. Many people have been put off two-way radios in the past because of the licence fees and regulations that go with them. All that is about to change thanks to the Licence-free PMR 446 MHz band introduced in 1999. The Cobra Microtalk range of radios are designed to be extremely compact whilst offering big radio performance. Here at Transmission1 we managed to get hold of Cobra’s middle range PMR-250 radio. This model features a number of useful features including 8 channels, a back-lit LCD display, 37 CTCSS tones, “end of transmission” tone signal, battery level indicator, ringing tone alert, connections for a speaker-mic and keypad lock.