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Dragon SS-201 – SSB 10/11m Handheld

14/04/2001 Transmission1 0

Dragon SS-201 SSB HandheldStrange but true, the first 10/11m Handheld on the market reviewed by Tony Langdon.

The Dragon SS-201 is a little different to the run of the mill handheld. It operates on 10 metres, instead of the more traditional 2m or 70cm, and it is capable of AM, FM and SSB modes. The origins of this radio, like most of the 10m only radios lie in the 27 MHz CB band, where there is a demand for “export” radios. While this means there is an increased risk of piracy on 10 metres, it also means there is now no excuse for us amateurs not to occupy this interesting band, as inexpensive gear such as the Dragon is now readily available.