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Petition Against PLT (PLC) to the EU

12/06/2014 Transmission1 0

I was recently approached by Nige, G7CNF and asked if we could bring to your attention something very important to all radio enthusiasts across the spectrum including Ham, CB, Scanning and SWL’s. The use of powerline technologies (PLT), otherwise known as wireless networking devices such as “home plugs” etc are already causing misery to many radio operators and in some cases cause enough interference and noise to wipe out any form of activity if you are unlucky to live within range of one of these devices.

To quote Nige’s blog..

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President Lincoln II – CB or not CB that is the question!

24/12/2013 Transmission1 4

President Lincoln 2It looks like President have finally committed to launching the eagerly awaited¬†Lincoln II multimode radio. Following on from months of speculation it would appear that the first radios will arrive at most dealers during the second week of January 2014. What isn’t so clear is whether the radio is a CB or Ham transceiver.¬† If you take a look at Presidents’ website you’ll see that it is listed under both categories – one as a Ham radio and the other as a curiously titled “not certified CB radio”! Whatever this means it appears to be good news in terms of the appeal for this radio.