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Tritan City Traveller Business Light Two Way Radio Review

01/01/2014 Transmission1 0

It doesn’t really seem like that long ago that I first reviewed a PMR-446 on the site, one of the earliest sets I looked at was the Cobra Microtalk 200 but it’s actually some 10 years ago now and the licence free band has been available across some European countries since 1998! Fast forward 14 years and just take a look at the range of radios available now. An almost bewildering choice – some aimed at leisure and home users and some aimed at business use. There is no denying that PMR-446 is great for certain tasks and applications but the bands can be very crowded in some parts of the country and in the towns and cities with so many shops using them too. This often causes interference to neighbouring users and reduces the range.

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TTi PMR-506TX/MH PMR-446 Radio Review

16/11/2011 Transmission1 2

TTi PMR-406TX RadioThe PMR-506TX is another new radio from TTi in Korea. Whilst there are many new PMR radios out there to choose from there are only a few that offer anything different. In this case the 506TX is one of the slimmest and lightest PMR radios on the market and certainly won’t weigh you down. There are two different packages available containing this radio. One is a standard PMR radio, the 506TX with desktop drop-in charger and the other, the 506MH is specifically aimed at Motorcycle riders as it contains the necessary hands-free kit for both rider and passenger and allows the radio to be used as an intercom device.  In both cases the radio contains a built in lithium-ion battery pack which is an excellent choice for long battery life between charges and doesn’t suffer from the memory effect of other battery technologies meaning you can “top up” the charge of this radio at any time you wish.

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TTi TXL-446 PMR Radio Review

28/06/2010 Transmission1 9

This review was made possible by Sharman MultiCOM Ltd, with thanks to Murli for the loan of the equipment.

The TTi TXL-446It’s hard to believe that over ten years have passed since PMR-446 was introduced across Europe as a licence free short range radio service. The simplicity of the service combined with low cost radios has been a key point that ensured the popularity of the concept from day one and proved to be a credible alternative to expensive licensing and contracts for small to medium sized businesses alike.  PMR-446 isn’t without its problems in heavy use areas due to the limited number of available channels but in most cases CTCSS and DCS can help minimise the issue of busy channels.

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Danita 608 – 80 Channel Handheld CB Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 0

The 80 Channel Danita 608 Handheld CBWe take a look at a low cost 80 channel handheld aimed at UK CB users.

The Danita 608 is a compact 80 channel legal FM CB handheld radio. Over the past few years very little has changed in the way of CB radio design. Probably this is just down to the fact that CB has decreased in popularity since a few years back (it certainly has done in my area anyway). Nevertheless new radios keep appearing on the market and the Danita fills the gap for a basic, low cost 80 channel handheld. Many handheld radios are expensive, under powered and considered by many not to be worth the money. The Danita might just make you change your mind at the bargain price of £49.99 that Knights CB were selling them for last year!