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Sparks – A Semi-Serious Look at the Hobby

10/09/2005 Transmission1 3

How did you start in radio, either as a SWL, scanner user or a ham?

I suppose my own experience was typical in that I was loaned a shortwave radio – an Eddystone but don’t ask me which one – and listened to exotic places which, as a schoolboy back in the 60’s, were truly ‘the other side of the world’. Back then, of course, I knew nothing about antennas so having a mains powered shortwave radio by my bed meant I was mostly listening to VOA, AFN and the ubiquitous Radio Moscow! Yet there was more than just the comments and news – nothing can quite compare with the rising, falling modulation punctuated by fading in and out, atmospheric cracks and bangs, the rat-a-tat-tat of the ‘Woodpecker’ Over-The Horizon radar system used by the Russians. Or the non stop music of the pirates like Caroline, RNI, Mi Amigo? Those were the days indeed!

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The Development of The First CB Repeater (or Owed to an Elastic Band!)

27/04/2004 Transmission1 0

Rubber BandsThe Development of The First CB repeater (or Owed to an Elastic Band!) – A simple but effective repeater by an anonymous contributor!

Back in the mid eighties, known by CB’ers as “the good old days”. There was a lot of CB’ers in my local town. There was also a guy who lived on a farm on a hill high above the town. His outlook was brilliant and his CB contacts made us all wonder if he was talking to himself and just winding us up. Until you visited his house and realised what an advantage several hundred feet extra height gave you.

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The Homebrew Crew!

27/04/2004 Transmission1 0

The Home Brew Crew Tape CoverWhat do you get when Ship’s Captain drinks too much beer? A brilliant Rap on the CB!

Who are the Homebrew Crew I hear you ask? Many years ago (1992 in fact) on the CB Radio were quite a number of idiots who keyed the mic up for hours on end, usually on the calling channel and decided to try and jam everyone out, sometimes swearing, other times just leaving the mic down for 3 or 4 hours. It was mainly one guy that no one liked very much and he was called “Wilf” and went by the handle of “Ship’s Captain”.

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Fidelity 1000/Cheiza/Johnstone/Gecol – The Ultimate Rig Test!

15/05/2001 Transmission1 7

Gecol CB RadioAxel Jack looks back at the Fidelity 1000 CB Radio and it’s other various guises to remember how bad these radios really are… 😉

Way back in the early days of CB, when it was legalised in 1981, there was many CBs that arrived very quickly on the market. Some were acceptably good, like Unidens, Rotels, Yorks, Midlands etc. Since the required specifications were fairly tight on the transmit side and very relaxed on receive, some sets were built as cheap as they thought they could get away with. Hence Amstrads, Binatone route 66 and a hundred other “bleed over boxes” were marketed which worked OK, but had terrible adjacent channel rejection.