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Intek M-150 Plus Review

19/11/2011 Guzzy 2

Intek M-150 Plus CB Radio

I’m in the process of umming and arring over which remote headed CB radio to purchase. It’s currently a toss up between the tti TCB R-2000 and the Lafayette Venus. I’ve crossed the Albrecht AE-6890 off the list on the grounds that the supplied microphone is pathetic beyond belief. Who at Albrecht thought that cheap and nasty microphone was a good idea on an expensive CB radio?!?

In the meantime I picked up a 2nd hand Intek M-150 Plus for beer money to satisfy my need for listening to either nothing, Olga from the Volga, or locals abusing one another, as I travel.

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Intek MT-5050 Professional PMR-446 Radio Review

04/09/2008 Transmission1 20

Intek MT-5050 PMR-446 Radio in the handGraham (5thElement) tries out the new Intek MT-5050 PMR handheld. The MT-5050 is a professional looking radio aimed at the professional radio user but without the higher price tags associated with some brand names. Graham soon discovers that there is more to this handheld than meets the eye!


The Intek MT-5050 is an 8 channel PMR446 radio which also includes 69 LPD channels.
The radio can also be modified which will be covered in more detail later in this review.