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Maxon CM10 Multi Standard CB Transceiver Review

11/03/2010 2A0FX 4

Dave Robinson takes a look at the new Maxon CM10 and gives his opinions on the performance of this budget priced CB radio.


Maxon CM10 CB RadioThe Maxon CM10 is a new design of multiband CB transceiver from Maxon CIC and in its standard form is intended for the European market, meeting the requirements of the harmonised CEPT European CB standard. Existing national standards within Europe are also provided  for which permits this rig to be used throughout Europe by using a pre-set country selection system accessed via the front panel.  

The standard form gives a total of 8 different country options.

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Maxon RS-446 PMR 446 Radio

26/04/2004 Transmission1 0

RS-446 PMR-446 Radio - Close UpWe investigate the latest budget priced PMR 446 radio. Is this the one you’ve been waiting for?

I can’t believe how many PMR 446 radios have appeared recently! To say that this licence free service hasn’t been available that long the manufacturers have excelled themselves and this must prove the popularity of the service. I have been fortunate enough to be loaned a set of Maxon RS-446 radios complete with desktop charger and Ni-Mh battery packs for another great rig test!