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Midland Alan 42 Multi Review

16/12/2005 Guzzy 12

I’ve owned this Midland Alan 42 Multi Hand Held for about six months now. I bought it to use on my motorbike (believe it or not). The radio comes in a kit: CB Radio, battery holder for 6 AA Alkaline (1.5V batteries), battery holder for 8 AA Rechargeable (1.2V batteries), cigarette lighter adaptor, carry case, a rubber duck style aerial, and a battery charger. I installed a cigarette lighter adaptor socket on the bike and a truck style wing mirror mount for a CB aerial on my rear pannier rack. I bought a motorcycle PTT microphone and earpice kit and voila – instant bike CB!

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Midland Alan 48 Excel Multi CB Radio Review

16/12/2005 Guzzy 4

I have owned my Midland Alan 48 Excel Multi for about a year now. It has been setup as a homebase radio attached to a Solarcon A99 (Antron 99). I work from home a lot and I like to have the CB radio on in the background while I work.

Midland Alan 48 ExcelThe initial setup of the radio was very simple. You don’t really need to look at the instructions to use the radio on the UK 40 right out of the box. Just unpack, plug in, and check SWR.

The Dials

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Midland Precision Series – A Retro Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 13

Midland 7001 CB RadioProbably the most under-estimated series of radios produced in a distinctive colour. Back to the 80’s. This review was produced by Axle Jack in Australia.

Any UK CBer who has been into the hobby for a while will have seen the old Midland precision series sets. The 2001, 3001 and 4001 established themselves as major players on the UK CB scene right from legalisation day in 1981 and became some of the most popular sets available for many years afterwards. They have been superseded by newer, smaller, flashier Midlands and are not so commonly found now, but that’s no disgrace to them, as it’s been a long time since Midland stopped making them and they are still serving some faithful owners yet. (Anybody know exactly when they stopped being produced?).

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Midland Alan 9001 CB Radio Review

27/04/2004 Transmission1 3

Alan 9001 CB RadioPaul Tex tries out the Emperor Shogun lookalike SSB radio and gives us his opinions!

After opening the rather hefty box and packaging, I was quite surprised to see what looked just like an Emperor Shogun. Well, that’s what it basically is, “An Emperor Shogun!” It is a very nice looking radio with plenty of controls to play about with but these are mostly nothing new, however the memory buttons are quite useful.