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New scanning Ebook Available

27/07/2013 DavidNorris105 0

Since my last article, I just thought some of you might be interested in this. My ebook has been written gradually since my previous article regarding the Icom IC-R3 and its expanded reception capabilities. It’s reasonably up to date.

(Still I live in hope that some DMR capable scanners will appear – although manufacturers have always been behind the times. For  example, it’s been about 15 years now since the civil airband was extended to 137 MHz, yet some new scanners still end the bandstage at 136, annoying mainly since 8 1/3 KHz tuning steps normally cannot be used outside the 108 to 136 MHz bandstage).

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Expanded FMTV Reception for the Icom IC-R3

10/05/2011 DavidNorris105 0

Last weekend I learnt something new about a piece of equipment I have had for a number of years now, the Icom IC-R3. One of my favourite achievements over the years has long been “teaching old equipment new tricks”. For example, in the old days I discovered that my Kenwood TH-75E could be expanded to allow some ‘out of band’ reception from the 2 metre and 70 centimetre amateur bands. Although the need has diminished over time since amateur transceivers nowadays come with expanded receiving coverage as standard.

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TTi TSC-100R Low Cost Scanner Review

28/11/2010 Transmission1 9

TSC-100R Front ViewOver the past 20 years the hobby of scanning has somewhat changed. The signals you can listen to on a scanner these days are less plentiful than they used to be thanks to a lot of communications going digital. Gone are the days of monitoring the police and most other emergency services and not forgetting the analogue mobile phone networks. In some respects the hobby has declined as the number of “in the clear” signals have decreased. A lot of scanner users these days own a radio to compliment another hobby such attending air shows. It is very likely that aircraft communications and marine radio traffic will stay in the clear for the foreseeable future.  Some people might argue the need for an expensive scanner just to monitor a little air or marine traffic and many users are put off by the complexity of some scanners or simply the costs. Enter the TSC-100R!

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Musumi WCS-99XII-M Video Scanner Review

20/10/2010 DavidNorris105 1
Musumi Video Scanner Model WCS-99XII-M
The Misumi WCS-99XII-M video scanner tuned to a domestic video sender on 2412 MHz, within the 2.4GHz licence exempt ISM band. Other finds have included wireless CCTV cameras, amateur television signals and even an illegal wireless camera on 1040 MHz in the aeronautical transponder band!

This review of the Musumi WCS-99XII-M video scanner was kindly supplied by David Norris, G7VDI.

I bought this scanner with ATV on the 23cm and 13cm  (1240 to 1325 and 2310 to 2450 MHZ) amateur bands very much in mind. It handles PAL and NTSC signals, which are frequency modulated. (Secam signals are not supported).

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GRE PSR-295 Scanner Review by John Griffiths

25/04/2007 Transmission1 23

GRE PSR-295 ScannerJohn Griffiths takes a look at a new budget priced scanner – The GRE PSR-295. It has 1000 channels, ten memory banks, AM and FM modes, CTCSS & DCS sub audible encoded squelch modes plus a 16-character, 4 line, alphanumeric liquid crystal display and comes pre-programmed with search ranges for Marine, Air, CB, PMR and Ham Radio. Notably this model includes the Military Airband too. Coming in at a price below £140 it’s not going to break the bank but is it any good? Read on and find out.