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TTi TCB-881 Multi Standard CB Radio Review

12/01/2012 Transmission1 12

TTi TCB-881 Box and Radio

The TCB-881 is TTi’s update on the popular TCB-880 CB radio that has now been discontinued. This new radio is similar in style to its older brother but features TTi’s DSS (Dynamic Squelch System) that can be found in all the new 2011 range radios from TTi. Another improvement is the DC input power handling of this radio. It can now be directly installed into vehicles with a 24V supply without the use of a voltage dropper.

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TTi TCB-R2000 Multi Standard CB Radio

28/11/2011 Transmission1 8

TTi TCB-R2000 CompleteThe TCB-R2000 is the flagship model in TTi’s CB Range. News of this new radio was first announced back in 2010 but it has only just started to officially hit the shelves of dealers around the EU. The radio promises something different from other remote-head radios and the adverting literature promises no less than 5 different ways in which the radio can be installed and used.

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TTi PMR-506TX/MH PMR-446 Radio Review

16/11/2011 Transmission1 2

TTi PMR-406TX RadioThe PMR-506TX is another new radio from TTi in Korea. Whilst there are many new PMR radios out there to choose from there are only a few that offer anything different. In this case the 506TX is one of the slimmest and lightest PMR radios on the market and certainly won’t weigh you down. There are two different packages available containing this radio. One is a standard PMR radio, the 506TX with desktop drop-in charger and the other, the 506MH is specifically aimed at Motorcycle riders as it contains the necessary hands-free kit for both rider and passenger and allows the radio to be used as an intercom device.  In both cases the radio contains a built in lithium-ion battery pack which is an excellent choice for long battery life between charges and doesn’t suffer from the memory effect of other battery technologies meaning you can “top up” the charge of this radio at any time you wish.

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TTi TSC-100R Low Cost Scanner Review

28/11/2010 Transmission1 9

TSC-100R Front ViewOver the past 20 years the hobby of scanning has somewhat changed. The signals you can listen to on a scanner these days are less plentiful than they used to be thanks to a lot of communications going digital. Gone are the days of monitoring the police and most other emergency services and not forgetting the analogue mobile phone networks. In some respects the hobby has declined as the number of “in the clear” signals have decreased. A lot of scanner users these days own a radio to compliment another hobby such attending air shows. It is very likely that aircraft communications and marine radio traffic will stay in the clear for the foreseeable future.  Some people might argue the need for an expensive scanner just to monitor a little air or marine traffic and many users are put off by the complexity of some scanners or simply the costs. Enter the TSC-100R!

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TTi TCB-1100 CB Radio Review

05/11/2010 Transmission1 2

TCB-1100 with MicrophoneThe TCB-1100 is TTI’s flagship multiband CB radio with front mounted speaker and DIN sized form factor. It has been designed to be mounted in several different combinations where space is at a premium. The best thing about this type of design is that the radio can be mounted in a free DIN size dashboard space in a vehicle. Many cars and vans have a spare DIN slot available so this radio could fill that gap with something attractive and useful.  Some earlier attempts have been made at DIN mount radios by Team in Germany but whilst the TCB-1100 looks similar I am informed by the supplier that this model has a different PCB to the Team models and some additional features not found on models like the Roadcom FS.