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Chinese PMR Special – A Buyers Guide to Low Cost Two Way Radios on the Internet

16/10/2008 Transmission1 7

If you have been online recently looking at the radio category on the popular auction website eBay then you have probably seen a large number of Chinese sellers selling radio communication products at incredibly cheap prices. Some pieces of gear and well known brand names in the communication industry such as Icom and Yaesu but there is a growing number of unfamiliar names to the radio scene. Jington, Puxing, Wouxun, Linton and Weierwei and Abell may not yet be “household” names but they are doing their best to get the western radio amateur interested in their products. So are these two way radios junk or do they compete with the big names? At the lower prices they are sold for on eBay you could be forgiven for dismissing them as junk but as the following article proves, that is not necessarily the case and they may also appeal to those on a limited budget and just starting off on the air.