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Radio Shack TRC-1080/Maycom EM-27

29/04/2004 Simon 4

Transmission1 takes a look at this ever popular and controversial legal 80 channel rig. Upon unpacking the compact blue and silver box, the sight of the Realistic TRC-1080 is very familiar. Many people will certainly recognise this radio instantly as a Maycom EM-27. The Maycom 80 channel mobile has been […]

Motorola T4302 Two Way Radios

Motorola T4302 PMR 446 Radio

29/04/2004 Simon 0

This doesn’t like anything like a two-way radio but it sure works like one! Review Sponsored by Teluwatt 2 Way Radio Services. As a little break from the normal reviewing style that you’ve come to expect from Transmission1.Net we thought we’d share a fun piece of equipment with our readers, […]

Binatone MR-600 Radios in Charger

Binatone MR-600 PMR-446 Radios

29/04/2004 Simon 0

Great value and great features make this a winning combination. Since PMR-446 was introduced back in 1999 Binatone has been one of the first manufacturers to introduce a range of two way radios at an affordable price into the UK and European markets. Low cost radio equipment has ensured the […]

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Colt 1200DX – A Classic CB Radio?

29/04/2004 Simon 5

It’s been quite a number of years since these were produced! A nostalgic look at a popular SSB Radio. Exclusive review by Simon of Transmission 1 and Paul Beckett. This radio maybe considered a classic in some respects. It dates back to the early eighties when DX was rife on […]

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President Lincoln CB/10m Transceiver

29/04/2004 Simon 22

Jack has been busy once again! This time he takes a look at the all-time classic, the famous Lincoln. The good old Lincoln has been around for many years now. I had my first once in 1992, and it was an old rig then. They had an almost mythical status […]