TCB-1100 Front View

TTi TCB-1100 CB Radio Review

05/11/2010 Transmission1 2

The TCB-1100 is TTI’s flagship multiband CB radio with front mounted speaker and DIN sized form factor. It has been designed to be mounted in several different combinations where space is at a premium. The best thing about this type of design is that the radio can be mounted in […]

Pewsey Wharf

CB Radio on the Canals

21/10/2010 2A0FX 12

David Robinson takes a look at using CB and PMR-446 Radio on the Canals in the UK. After 30+ years’ experience of summer holidays spent on various parts of the English canals, I thought that others might find my experiences of interest regarding the usefulness of 11M CB and PMR446 […]

The TTi TCB-771 Multi EU Norms Radio

TTi TCB-771 CB Radio Review

19/10/2010 Transmission1 1

This review was made possible by Sharman MultiCOM Ltd, with thanks to Murli for the loan of the equipment. The TCB-771 is another fairly recent addition to the radio of CB radios made by TTi. It follows on from the popular TCB-770 that has been around for a number of […]

Maxon CM10 Multi Standard CB Transceiver Review

11/03/2010 2A0FX 4

Dave Robinson takes a look at the new Maxon CM10 and gives his opinions on the performance of this budget priced CB radio. Introduction The Maxon CM10 is a new design of multiband CB transceiver from Maxon CIC and in its standard form is intended for the European market, meeting […]

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Easter DX Event 2010

09/02/2010 Transmission1 4

Delboy Enterprises have announced another DX Event for users of CB Radio and PMR-446. In the past these events have been very popular and many operators have turned out on the hill tops to make long distance contacts. You don’t need to go mobile to enjoy the events but it […]