Intek MT-5050 Professional PMR-446 Radio Review

04/09/2008 Transmission1 20

Graham (5thElement) tries out the new Intek MT-5050 PMR handheld. The MT-5050 is a professional looking radio aimed at the professional radio user but without the higher price tags associated with some brand names. Graham soon discovers that there is more to this handheld than meets the eye! Introduction The […]

Goodmans GMPR116 PMR-446 Radio

Goodmans GMPR116 – A communication Problem Solved

20/02/2008 Transmission1 0

Mark, Pantenneman tries out the Goodmans GMPR116 for TM1: While testing out the Puxing PX777plus handhelds, the following weekend I decide to bring down my Tevion Action 850’s that I own to my Girlfriend’s place over the weekend out of random curiosity. I had an aim to solve a communication […]

TTi TX-1446 Professional PMR-446 Radio

TTi TX-1446 PMR Handheld Radio Review

22/06/2006 Transmission1 3

Another month goes by and another PMR-446 handheld is released. One dull and boring afternoon Adam from popped up on MSN Messenger to ask if I was interested in reviewing a new professional line 446 radio called the TTi TX-1446 . Of course I was interested! After seeing a […]