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Sparks – A Semi-Serious Look at the Hobby

10/09/2005 Transmission1 3

How did you start in radio, either as a SWL, scanner user or a ham? I suppose my own experience was typical in that I was loaned a shortwave radio – an Eddystone but don’t ask me which one – and listened to exotic places which, as a schoolboy back […]

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Understanding SWR – Part 2

28/04/2004 Transmission1 0

Jack investigates the effectiveness of Matchers. Are these devices a magical answer to SWR problems? So now you know about SWR you might be looking at adverts for CB matchers and thinking, “that’s the thing for me, no adjustments necessary”. So lets have a look at them and see if […]

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Understanding SWR – Part 1

28/04/2004 Transmission1 1

No matter how you look at it, SWR is the most important part of radio theory. Here you can put it into practice. So you have connected up your new CB and installed the antenna. Now you have to tune, or SWR it. You may have been told that this […]