GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner

GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner Review

22/02/2005 Simon 3

John (ddraigmor) investigates the GRE PSR-282 Handheld Scanner. This particular radio is aimed firmly at the airband enthusiast as it supports the all important 8.33 KHz steps that is becoming more commonplace on new receivers. The most amazing thing about this radio is the price and it proves that radio […]

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Cordless Phones Examined – Low Power Device Monitoring

10/05/2004 Simon 1

Surprising how far these short range devices can carry. Not just around the house but way beyond! A look at low power device monitoring. It is a well known fact that many radio systems are moving over to secure digital communications – the Police, Fire Services and many other government […]

Yaesu VR500 Scanning Receiver

Yaesu VR-500 Scanning Receiver Review

10/05/2004 Simon 2

This compact wideband handheld is put to the test. Well made is just o­ne way we would describe it! Launched last year, the Yaesu VR-500 has to be one of Yaesu’s smallest general coverage receivers yet. Just when you think that you have seen everything, along comes a small handheld […]