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Latest Reviews

  • Tritan City Traveller Business Light Two Way Radio Review
    It doesn’t really seem like that long ago that I first reviewed a PMR-446 on the site, one of the earliest sets I looked at was the Cobra Microtalk 200 but it’s actually some 10 years ago now and the licence free band has been available across some European countries since 1998! […]
  • TTi TCB-881 Multi Standard CB Radio Review
    The TCB-881 is TTi’s update on the popular TCB-880 CB radio that has now been discontinued. This new radio is similar in style to its older brother but features TTi’s DSS (Dynamic Squelch System) that can be found in all the new 2011 range radios from TTi. Another improvement is […]
  • TTi TCB-R2000 Multi Standard CB Radio
    The TCB-R2000 is the flagship model in TTi’s CB Range. News of this new radio was first announced back in 2010 but it has only just started to officially hit the shelves of dealers around the EU. The radio promises something different from other remote-head radios and the adverting literature […]
  • Intek M-150 Plus Review
    I’m in the process of umming and arring over which remote headed CB radio to purchase. It’s currently a toss up between the tti TCB R-2000 and the Lafayette Venus. I’ve crossed the Albrecht AE-6890 off the list on the grounds that the supplied microphone is pathetic beyond belief. Who […]
  • TTi PMR-506TX/MH PMR-446 Radio Review
    The PMR-506TX is another new radio from TTi in Korea. Whilst there are many new PMR radios out there to choose from there are only a few that offer anything different. In this case the 506TX is one of the slimmest and lightest PMR radios on the market and certainly won’t weigh […]
  • Yeticom Optima SSB CB/Ham Radio Review
    The Yeticom Optima is a new radio designed for use by CB and Amateur operators. Whilst the radio firmly has its origins as a  “freeband CB” it will also be a welcome addition to any radio amateur looking for a reasonably priced all mode 12m/10m rig for mobile use.  Upon […]
  • TTi TSC-100R Low Cost Scanner Review
    Over the past 20 years the hobby of scanning has somewhat changed. The signals you can listen to on a scanner these days are less plentiful than they used to be thanks to a lot of communications going digital. Gone are the days of monitoring the police and most other […]
  • TTi TCB-1100 CB Radio Review
    The TCB-1100 is TTI’s flagship multiband CB radio with front mounted speaker and DIN sized form factor. It has been designed to be mounted in several different combinations where space is at a premium. The best thing about this type of design is that the radio can be mounted in […]
  • Musumi WCS-99XII-M Video Scanner Review
    This review of the Musumi WCS-99XII-M video scanner was kindly supplied by David Norris, G7VDI. I bought this scanner with ATV on the 23cm and 13cm  (1240 to 1325 and 2310 to 2450 MHZ) amateur bands very much in mind. It handles PAL and NTSC signals, which are frequency modulated. […]
  • TTi TCB-771 CB Radio Review
    This review was made possible by Sharman MultiCOM Ltd, with thanks to Murli for the loan of the equipment. The TCB-771 is another fairly recent addition to the radio of CB radios made by TTi. It follows on from the popular TCB-770 that has been around for a number of […]
  • TTi TXL-446 PMR Radio Review
    This review was made possible by Sharman MultiCOM Ltd, with thanks to Murli for the loan of the equipment. It’s hard to believe that over ten years have passed since PMR-446 was introduced across Europe as a licence free short range radio service. The simplicity of the service combined with […]
  • Maxon CM10 Multi Standard CB Transceiver Review
    Dave Robinson takes a look at the new Maxon CM10 and gives his opinions on the performance of this budget priced CB radio. Introduction The Maxon CM10 is a new design of multiband CB transceiver from Maxon CIC and in its standard form is intended for the European market, meeting […]