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President Lincoln CB/10m Transceiver

29/04/2004 Transmission1 22

Jack has been busy once again! This time he takes a look at the all-time classic, the famous Lincoln. The good old Lincoln has been around for many years now. I had my first once in 1992, and it was an old rig then. They had an almost mythical status […]

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Albrecht AE-485 10/11m Review

28/04/2004 Transmission1 5

Jack ‘Axle Jack’ Cook tries out the new Albrecht 485 10m/CB Radio and finds it surprisingly good. I was impressed with my new rig, out of the box. It looks smart in grey and black with a large backlit orange LCD display. Like a “90s” rig rather than a styling […]

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Midland Alan 9001 CB Radio Review

27/04/2004 Transmission1 3

Paul Tex tries out the Emperor Shogun lookalike SSB radio and gives us his opinions! After opening the rather hefty box and packaging, I was quite surprised to see what looked just like an Emperor Shogun. Well, that’s what it basically is, “An Emperor Shogun!” It is a very nice […]

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Cubex 2/6/11m Quad Antenna

26/10/2002 Transmission1 1

The Quad from Cubex is my pride and joy. My location is less than ideal, being extremely close to an electric railway and at the bottom of a hill to my east. The Cubex has performed better than anything tried before and picks up very little noise from the railway […]